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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fistric Bashes Nystrom with helmet in a fight and doesn't get suspended???

It's not often that items referred to as "foreign objects" are used during a scrap in and NHL game but it happened just this week.
During a fight between Mark Fistric and Eric Nystrom during the Dallas/Calgary game on Wednesday, Fistric removed Nystrom's helmet and proceeded to whack him once in the head with it before letting it go throwing a few more punches.

Yesterday, Fistric was given a $2,500 fine for his actions and insisted "The helmet got caught in my hand and I went to swing and the helmet was still there."

2 major issues here

- First of all, a "fine"????? Why does the NHL even bother handing out these measly fines anyway? I mean this guy is still on a rookie contract but is making almost a million bucks this year so how much discipline is Fistric really going to learn by paying this out of his pocket change?

- Secondly, as I read through comments made by others on the incident, the general public opinion seems to be that Fistric clearly did not mean to do it and that it was a mere "heat of the moment" kind of thing.
These excuses have been used far too long whenever a player tries to get out of a suspension...

Watch the video... There is no way in heck Fistric was trying to throw a punch and the helmet just happened to have gotten stuck to his hand. He tried to hit Nystrom with the helmet and regardless if it was a moment of intensity and his thinking wasn't so clear, it was a reckless and does not belong in the NHL.

Fistric should have been suspended.. end of story.

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