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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Phaneuf's going a bit too far saying the Leafs could still make the playoffs

"It's not over yet" says Phaneuf in regards to the leafs' playoff hopes. In an article from the Toronto Star, Phaneuf declared that the team can and should still make a push for the post-season and while I am a fan of the enthusiasm, it's much to late for a late-season surge.

According to, a reliable playoff forecasting site which uses complex formulas to determine a team's chances of making it to the post-season, the Leafs' odds are at  0.06631%.... thats roughly 1 in 1500. To make it past the season's 82 games, the Leafs will need to play at a minimum of .800 for the remainder of the season to even have a shot. With 25 games left, the buds will have to put up W's in about 20 of those not to mention the 6 teams between them and 8th place will have to avoid any late surges as well.

I truly believe we are a much better team after the recent trades but winning 20/25 games?? Come on, thats not even plausible.

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